My Favourite Brushes!

I absolutely love brushes! I love buying them, I love using them, washing them… to me they make makeup even more fun! And even though I have a fair

amount of brushes, more than I need really, I always want more! So although I love all my brushes! I have tried to select my absolute favourites, the ones I

cannot live without for this post. Oh and by the way they’re a mixture of affordable and high-end and I believe they are all synthetic!



Dusting and Powder Brush by the Vintage Cosmetic Company 

I bought this one because I just liked how it looked lol! Its basically a big

fluffy brush, great for dusting powder all over the face whether you want to

set your makeup with powder or softly bronze. Its a synthetic brush, very soft,

it doesn’t shed and its very easy to clean. Plus it looks lovely!






Blush Brush by Real Techniques

Also a synthetic brush (I believe all Real Technique brushes are synthetic), it

doesn’t shed and its very fluffy and soft. Although its labelled as a blush

brush you can also usethis to contour and highlight (its tapered end allows

you to softly highlight the tops ofyour cheekbones). Good with both cream

and powder products. I mainly use it for blush and to set my under-eye area.

You could set your entire face with it if you so wished.

And did I mention its pink, I love pink!



Setting Brush by Real Techniques

This is my favourite brush to apply highlight with, especially when I want an

intense highlight. Of course you can also set your under-eye are with this

brush. Also tapered at the end but a bit more dense than the blush brush so

you can use it for more precise application of product. Again it can be used

with either cream of powder products.





Powder Brush from the 10 Piece Pop Art Brush Set by bhcosmetics

I like to use this brush to buff in powder foundation; it blends my foundation well and gives me a lovely natural finish. You can also use it to blend liquid

foundation although I generally prefer to use a beauty sponge for that.

Angled Powder Brush from the 10 Piece Pop Art Brush Set by bhcosmetics

Personally I never use the Angled Powder/Blush brush to apply blush but its my favourite brush to contour with.

Tapered Eyeshadow Blending Brush from the 10 Piece Pop Art Brush Set by bhcosmetics

I use the Tapered Eyeshadow Blending brush to apply shadow to my crease and also to blend out the shadow.




Blending Brush by Colourpop, Base Shadow Brush by Real Techniques, Medium Shadow Brush from the Metallic Pink collection by bhcosmetics

From left to right, first the Colourpop Blending brush is a flat fluffy brush. Good

for applying as well as blending eyeshadow. Next the Base Shadow brush from

Real Techniques, to me this is a fluffy blending brush, I use it blend different

shadows together for a seamless transition of colour. The Medium Shadow brush

by bhcosmetics is also quite a flat brush with shorter hairs and less fluffy than

the Colourpop one. I use this one mostly to pack colour onto the lid.







209 & 210 Eye Liner Brushes by MAC

And last but not least my favourite eye liner brushes! I use them to apply gel liner

(obviously!). I use the 210 if I want a very fine almost not there line. When I want

something bolder I use both, I start with the 210 and then go in with 209 to build it

up. For a nice wing I use the 209!


So these are favourite brushes! I didn’t include a lip brush as I don’t tend to use them. Hope you found this post useful!

Which are your favourite brushes?

Till next time, T