Review: bliss fabulips

I was first introduced to bliss a couple of years ago when I came across their fabulips sugar lip scrub and decided to give it a try… I loved it! I have been repurchasing it ever since. When I went to repurchase last month it was out of stock so I decided to try out this set. The set includes four products; a foaming lip cleanser, the sugar lip scrub, a lip plumper and a lip balm. Four products, four steps to “full, healthy, beautiful lips that look ‘pout’-of-this world”.


Step 1

The foaming lip cleanser is supposed to remove lipstick and get rid of impurities. Once applied to the lips it starts foaming (as the name suggests!), you wait 20-30 seconds then rinse. Now I can’t exactly see impurities so I can’t comment on how well it removes them. My lips did feel cleansed and refreshed afterwards but you can probably cleanse your lips just as well with cleansing wipes or micellar water.

However, I decided to see how well it removes lipstick. I tested it on liquid lipstick since these are normally the ones hardest to remove, often leaving our lips sore and inflamed. The lipstick I chose is one of my favourites, Colourpop ultra satin lip in Hutch. The reason I chose this one and not a matte one is because this is the darkest liquid lipstick I own, so to me this is harder to remove than a light colour matte as darker colours tend to stain the lips. Also, in my experience Colourpop’s ultra satin lipsticks are just as long-wearing as their ultra mattes.

When I tested it on lipstick I forgot that you’re supposed to rinse it and I simply wiped it away (thus smudging lipstick around my lips… anyway)! It did a good job removing most of my lipstick without having to rub it off. As you can see in the picture there was a little bit of lipstick left on my lips which I removed easily with some micellar water.

So all in all it does what it says on the box. Now, will I repurchase it? No. Simply because I find it easier to cleanse my lips with the micellar water I use on the rest of my face. And when it comes to removing lipstick I prefer using a cleansing oil and finishing off with my face cleanser or micellar wipes if I’m feeling lazy.


Step 2

My favourite product in the set is the sugar lip scrub! It contains finely granulated sugar and almonds and walnut shells, leaving my lips beautifully exfoliated and silky soft. Flavoured with vanilla and orange, it smells divine! Personally I don’t smell the orange, to me it smells like vanilla bubblegum and I love it! Lightly rub on your lips in circular motion and then wipe away with a damp washcloth.

I use it almost every night as part of my skincare routine, then apply some lip balm to keep my lips hydrated and soft. I also use it when I know I’ll be wearing a long-wearing lipstick; I use it before I start applying my makeup, then I put on some lip balm to soften my lips while I apply my makeup, then I wipe it off and apply my lipstick.  I’ve noticed that lipsticks, especially liquid lipsticks sit a lot better on my lips if I exfoliate first.

If you are someone who loves wearing liquid lipsticks, like I do, then you need this sugar lip scrub!

This is a must-have product for me and I actually use it on my entire face, it works really well on my t-zone, getting rid of blackheads without drying out my skin. I tend to use it on the days I don’t use a charcoal/clay detox mask.


Step 3

The instant lip plumper; mint-flavoured and containing cork tree extract and peptide-packed complex, is supposed to give your lips long-lasting lushness. Now, I have never tried a lip plumper before so I have nothing to compare it to.

If you are looking for a product that will visibly plump up your lips, this isn’t for you. I’ve used it several times so far and on my lips at least it doesn’t really have a great plumping effect. It does plump my lips, but its very subtle. It feels a little tingly but in a refreshing minty way. What I found surprising is that it keeps my lips hydrated for a long time, hours. I’ll apply it in the morning and its still on my lips at lunchtime.

However, I don’t like the packaging, I find it frustrating especially if I’m in a hurry like I am every morning when I’m getting ready for work. You’re supposed to twist the bottom bit which clicks, to dispense the product. But I always find myself twisting, and twisting, and twisting not getting any product and then getting a lot more than I need all at once.

So definitely not a fun of the packaging, but I like the product although not for what its advertised for!



Step 4

Lastly, replenish your lips using the softening lip balm. Containing shea butter, jojoba and grapeseed oil, its supposed to leave your lips pillow-soft.

This must contain some of the same ingredients as the lip scrub, because it has a similar scent; not as potent but just as delicious! This lip balm almost melts into the lips when you apply it, and it does leave my lips silky soft.

It has a very thin consistency so it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips, which I love. I don’t feel as if I’m wearing lip balm yet my lips feel very hydrated. Its a great companion to the sugar lip scrub and I will be repurchasing it!





This kit costs £39.00 on and all four products are full size products not samples. The foaming lip cleanser costs £13.50, the sugar lip scrub £14.00, the instant lip plumper £17.00 and the softening lip balm £13.00, bringing the total to £57.50! So if you want to try even 3 of these products I would recommend buying the set.

My favourite products are the sugar lip scrub (what else!) and the softening lip balm. And even though £14.00 is pricey for a lip scrub, to me its worth it. Plus, if you only use it for your lips, which its intended use, then 14g of product lasts for quite a while. Now. on to the lip balm, £13.00 is expensive for a lip balm, especially when you can buy an EOS lip balm for £6.00 at Superdrug, and they are just as good. Maybe not as lightweight but very hydrating. Whether or not its worth the price? I leave that up to you! Personally I like using both, that way the fabulips softening lip balm lasts me longer and I don’t feel as bad when I splurge and buy it again (excuses, excuses…)! The instant plumper I like, but not enough to repurchase especially as I don’t like the packaging (too frustrating!). I have to say the cleanser is my least favourite product in the set, I just don’t see it becoming part of my routine as I prefer my cleansing oil and micellar water.

Don’t get me wrong I like this kit and if you’re willing to spend the money its a good set to try, I just won’t be repurchasing all of the products.

Have you tried any of these products and what did you think of them? Also are there any products you’d like to see a review of?

Till next time, T